The Star Temple is here to provide an immaculate portal for the sharing of wisdom and ancient mystery teachings that are once more being called into consciousness on the planet.  The modern-day temple now resides within and many are being asked to awaken to a consciousness that calls them to action, to be of service, and to align with the remembering of who they are.  The Star is the holy source of light revered by all faiths throughout time, that has guided and informed and brought love into the world.  This Temple space is here to be of service to the goddess and the return of the divine masculine and sacred feminine, united in balance and love.

As an online Temple space, this portal will offer teachings on Goddess spirituality, Priestess mystery training, Magdalene Wisdom and provide a channel for the return of the ancient mystery and wisdom teachings back into present day consciousness.  It will offer food for the hungry soul in the form of guided meditations, transformational workshops, Sadhana practices, sacred gifts and so much more.  Like all Temples, this is a place of worship and an online community of like-minded souls, sharing their love.  

The Star represents our personal divinity, guiding us back home.


The Order of the Magdalenes

The Magdalenes were a group of men and women who walked with the Christed One two millennia ago.  They were tasked with seeding a light of consciousness into the energetic fabric of the planet at that time which centered around a vision of love and it’s transmutational properties.  Many were trained in the temples of Egypt in the secret Alchemies of Horus and the sexual magic of Isis and Osiris, and received teachings at the foot of masters of high consciousness right across the planet.  Their vision bore witness to the Great Mother and the empowerment of the feminine in men and women for the creation of a new world.  

Many of the Order belonged to a group known as the Essenes, a private religious community that practised quite radical teachings of non-violence and reincarnation and which formed the earliest Gnostic teachings of the Christian religion.  Because of the radical and profound nature of the Order of the Magdalenes their teachings were of a highly secret nature and the mysteries practised were forced underground with the rise of the Roman Church.  And so, it is time for the mystery teachings to once again be revealed to a modern heart which is thirsting for this knowledge.  

Let the Order of the Magdalenes once again guide this return to love.

Priestess Rising Training...

The one who calls herself priestess, has always been the bridge between the physical and spirit and through her connection to goddess, is a source for the sacred in the world.  She is a woman awake in her femininity, expressing the divinity of goddess through the wisdom of her body temple.  From her connection to Source, she is a beacon of healing and light, radiating blessings and enlivening all those who come into her orbit.   Is this you?

Who is called to participate?

The soul path of the priestess is one of service and devotion.  Those who claim the title of priestess choose a life that includes:

1.      Empowering individuals to rediscover the goddess and the divine feminine.
2.      Calling upon the power of ritual and ceremony to reignite the sacred in the world.
3.     Embodying the deep ancestral heritage and wisdom of goddess lore.
4.     Deeply embracing the shadow in order to heal and transform wounding that has limited authentic soul identity.
5.     Being the storytellers, the myth keepers and guardians of the mysteries.
6.     Utilising the communion of sisterhood to create a catalyst for change.
7.     Being an advocate, protector, nurturer and caretaker of the natural environment
8.     Nurturing and developing creative projects and potentials.
9.     Reclaiming the wild, wise woman that is connected with herbs and natural healing modalities.
10.    Understanding the healing power of divine sexual energy and the return of balanced masculine and feminine energies.
11.    Supporting community to celebrate the many expressions of the sacred feminine and release jealousy, judgement and competition, where we all rise by lifting each other up.
12.     Walking the ancient path of the priestess, offering your work and services to a world that is thirsty for the integrity of the sacred in all you say and do.

You’ll realise if this program is meant for you, because you’ll experience a heartfelt knowing.  You might not understand why, but there is a divine reason for that - just trust it.  In opening to this sacred work, you are answering a call for the soul to awaken, to open the portal of your heart, deepen the knowing of your purpose, and expand your spiritual evolution.  This work will create great change in your life and attract many amazing experiences and opportunities.  You will emerge from your journey confident, committed, clear and focused on your spiritual path.

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